About changes/repairs

<About the changes>

At JEENAR, we accept requests to change designer earrings into earrings.
There are three types of earrings: free [screw type], paid [spring type] and [non-pierced resin earrings]. Please choose the shape you like. Please note that all types other than [screw type] are charged ¥330 (tax included). To change the shape, please select the option button when purchasing the earrings.

*Some items cannot be changed to earrings. Please contact us for details. *14KGF, 18K, and silver materials will be changed to plated materials, so please consult us first. *If you would like to change hoop earrings to earrings, the shape and direction will change, so please contact us to make the change.

<About repairs>

■A part or chain is broken.

We can repair or send only the chain. If you have the product, please send it together. If we are unable to provide the same product, we will suggest other parts, so please contact us first.

■The natural stone is chipped.

Please contact us first to check if we have the same shape and color in stock. If we do not have the stone in stock, we may suggest a different stone.

■I lost my earrings or piercing.

If you lose or break just one earring or pierced earring, JEENAR can make just the other. Each stone or glass bead has a different sparkle, so please contact us. *If it becomes necessary to replace or add parts or natural stones during repairs, you will be responsible for the cost of the parts. *We cannot repair or replace products other than our own. *Please note that shipping costs for repairs will be borne by the customer.

▽ Please feel free to contact us using the inquiries below.