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Deep sea coral x natural stone chain bracelet/14KGF

Deep sea coral x natural stone chain bracelet/14KGF

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A delicate chain bracelet that combines soft-colored deep sea coral with freshwater pearls and iolite.
The cool blue of the iolite adds an accent color, creating a design that is cute yet exudes adult elegance.

14KGF (gold filled) is a layer of 14K gold that is bonded to brass material using high heat and pressure. The layer is thicker than gold plating, so you can enjoy the shine of 14K gold. *Although the material does not tarnish easily, we recommend wiping it with a dry cloth after use and storing it away from air as much as possible.

[Material] Deep sea coral, freshwater pearl, iolite, 14KGF (gold filled) metal fittings, JEENAR logo plate: SV925 (K18GP)
[Total length] Approximately 15 cm (excluding fasteners), adjuster approximately 2.5 cm

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Regarding option changes and product handling

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<Firefly Glass>

Hotaru Glass is a glass product, so if it is subjected to strong impact, it may break or get scratched. Please handle it with care. Since each piece is handmade, the shape, color, and pattern may vary, and lines or burns from the silver foil wrapped inside may appear on the surface.

<Coral and natural stones>

Coral and natural stones are natural materials. There are individual differences in coral, such as some that are more reddish or whiter. Please note that the color and shape of each piece, including natural stones, are natural products and vary from piece to piece. Please take care when storing after wearing as coral is vulnerable to water, sweat, direct sunlight, and sudden temperature changes.

<K18, SV, 14KGF>

After use, we recommend wiping it off with a soft cloth and storing it away from air as much as possible. Please refrain from bathing or using hot springs while wearing it as it may cause discoloration. Please refrain from using abrasive cloths on 14KGF.

<About product handling>

*Please do not store within reach of infants or children to prevent them from putting it in their mouths. *Please handle with care as delicate parts may be damaged if subjected to strong impact. *Metal plating is used for the metal fittings and chain. As it is vulnerable to water and sweat, please wipe it thoroughly with a dry cloth after use. *If you notice any abnormalities on your skin, stop using it immediately and consult a specialist.

About changes to earrings

*We accept changes to earrings. If you wish, please choose from three options: screw type, spring type, and non-pierced earrings. Please note that spring type/non-pierced earrings will be an additional charge of ¥330. Click here for details on earring hardware.
*Earring hardware is brass gold plated.

About changing hooks

*Changes to titanium hooks are free of charge. If you would like to change to a titanium hook, please write in the notes section when ordering that you would like to change to a titanium hook. Click here for details on titanium hooks.